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Meta Product Privacy Strategy Executive, Public Board Director, Ex-Google, Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Dell Leader.


Recognized for identifying hidden value across industries, disciplines, and corporate business models, her 15 years of technology, strategic operations, portfolio management, innovative

partnership structuring, and policy thought leadership have delivered sustainable

scalability and revenue growth for the top 5 technology leaders.


As a strategic Board Director and Compensation Committee Member, Angela advises the online gaming, thesis-driven C-SPAC company GEEX, on building and expanding their platform, maximizing monetization/revenue models, building global “social/safe community,” regulations, and compensation. She also guides elevated work clothing brand, Chloe Kristyn, on strategy, operations, optimizing manufacturing/vendors, and partnerships. 


Angela guides the vision by connecting the dots across Product, Strategy, Marketing, GTM, Partnerships, Customer Experience, Vendor Strategy, and Privacy/Trust & Safety. She enables companies to push technology boundaries with a “responsible innovation” approach that optimizes user experience, operations, and P&L results. Her background in consumer brands, B2B, regulatory compliance, and legal has steered companies through social, political, and economic headwinds. A respected board partner, Angela advances business strategy, asking insightful questions, gaining consensus, and delivering stakeholder value.

Board Service

Games & Esports Experience (GEEX), Director, Comp. Committee, Jun 2022−Present

Deckstr Advisory Board, 2019 – 2022

Chloe Kristyn, Advisory Board, 2018 –Present

SOOFA Ranch, (Nonprofit), 2021 – Present

Angela Williams, Public Board Director 

Board Value Impact

  •  Public Board Governance – Advises online gaming thesis-driven C-SPAC GEEX on building/expanding platform, maximizing monetization/revenue models, building global “social/safe community,” and regulations. Comp. Committee.

  • Portfolio Governance & Growth – Governed a $3B software portfolio at Dell Computers, including the security software and Alienware gaming portfolio.

  • Digital Product & Privacy– Established the Metaverse Trust function and lead privacy strategy for across the iconic social network Horizon Worlds, in the Metaverse. Guided Meta’s Reality Labs across Extended Reality (XR) products and privacy, building user privacy-centric “social-safe communities.”

  • Guided policies for Google Assistant to protect user privacy/misformation, and to promote diversity within ML datasets and content moderation.

  • Private Boards – Guide elevated work clothing brand, Chloe Kristyn, on strategy, operations, optimizing manufacturing/vendors, and partnerships. Advised Deckstr on partnerships and 1/3/5-yr GTM rollout of 3 products.

  • Portfolio Strategy – Led Microsoft’s Azure IP portfolio – digital strategy, sourcing, software licensing. Mitigated technical risk, ensuring data center and vendor operations for a $12B+ portfolio (run rate) and 113% growth, 2016.

  • Operations – Guided Ops across Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, YouTube/Kids, Chrome, Android, and App Store. Led vendor outsourcing internationally.

  • Strategic Partnerships – Guided/structured partnership deals with Steam, SonicWALL, McAfee, Facebook, Rakuten, Accenture, Cognizant, and others. 

  • Facilitated Dell’s partnership with Facebook for Dell’s mobile phone – brought FB to the table leveraging Dell’s SMB stronghold/FB SMB focus.

  • Tech Policy Expert – Advised on Google election integrity policies, aligning user experience and abuse reduction in ads ecosystem for US, Canada and EU.

  • Developed privacy principles for Horizon Worlds to better help product managers in the innovation and development process.

  • Global Building/Scaling – Opened new call centers globally (Google) in India as well as one serving Europe, Middle East & Africa, in Portugal, creating 500 jobs.

  • Digital Expert – Metaverse, Responsible Innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Machine Learning (ML).

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