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Fractional COO / Advisor 

Let's Get to Work...

If you are struggling with sorting through thousands of business ideas and not sure where to start or how to prioritize, it may be time to engage an experienced Advisor to help you organize your ideas to meet your short term and long term goals. As a problem solver and innovator, I bring over 15 years of experience of leading teams, departments, and executives through product and program planning, process development and improvement, strategic negotiations, and strategic implementation directly to your business.

AJ Williams
Do you struggle with...

Figuring out how to get out of the day to day "fire drills" so that you can focus on what you love...innovating?

Determining where you want your business goals for the next 3-5 years and how you will get there? 

Scaling your business or delegating work to others because you don't yet have defined processes? 

Creating, tracking, measuring, and learning from your key performance indicators? 

Negotiating contract agreements with vendors, suppliers, and/or partners? 


This isn't your traditional advisory firm. I don't tell you how to run your business. I help you run your business by leveraging my years of experience in Fortune 100 companies to implement vetted strategies for growth, scalability, and revenue generation. I both help to set and implement strategies, documenting processes and helping to train your team so that you can operate seamlessly while scaling your business. I focus on helping underrepresented founders and executives accelerate their cash flow through streamlined operations and  sustainable business strategies.

I get it...and I want to help


Data Driven


Diverse Revenue


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